Introducing the Cedars Classic 7.5t Horsebox

There are many considerations to be made before buying a horse box, budgets are usually the first, alongside passenger safety and the welfare of the horses in transit. We can help assist you in your journey to finding the most suitable horsebox for you and your horses.

All our Coach built horseboxes are beautifully created with attention to detail and can be designed specifically to your requirements. It starts with sourcing the right chassis from one of our trusted, independent, long established DAF dealers. We identify the most appropriate vehicle, which fits within the following criteria:

Our Vehicle Chassis (for guidance only – all vehicle specifications are different)


  ✔   Make - We only specialise in DAF
  ✔   Tonnage - 7.5 / 12 / 18
  ✔   Date first registered - No older than 6 years
  ✔   Gearbox - Manual / Automatic
  ✔   Low Recorded Mileage - No more than 100k kms
  ✔   MOT - Full 12 months
  ✔   Payload - Approx 1.6Kg

Once we have the chassis we can then design the box, where you can select from one of our 4 models in our Cedars Range:

Cedars Classic 7.5t Specification

  ✔   Metallic Paint
  ✔   External Saddle Locker
  ✔   Electric Jockey Step
  ✔   Solar Charging 12V/24V
  ✔   Under Floor Heating

  ✔   Leather or Fabric Upholstery
  ✔   WC Wet Room
  ✔   Fridge – 60L
  ✔   Cooker / Grill
  ✔   Microwave
  ✔   Sink / Hob
  ✔   TV & Arial
  ✔   CCTV & Reversing Camera

Horse Area
  ✔   Spring Ramp
  ✔   Rubber Matting
  ✔   Telescopic Padded Partitions

  ✔   Skylight - Living Area
  ✔   Suitcase or On Board Generator
  ✔   Power Ramp
  ✔   Stand Alone WC
  ✔   4M Awning
  ✔   Side Walls For Awning
  ✔   Euro 6 Facelift
  ✔   Paint Protectors
  ✔   Metallic Paint - 2 Tone
  ✔   Cut Through Cushion

All our horseboxes can be tailored to include all the options and features you require, please ask for details !!

Colette WhiteManaging Director

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